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Language Courses - 1 to 11 months

The prices quoted are from a 2 week Cambridge English course.  For longer courses than one month, please contact us for an up to date quotation.


We can offer a unique language programme to groups in the cities of CAMBRIDGE, OXFORD, BATH, LONDON and LEICESTER or for younger groups on Activity and language in WALES and the ENGLAND.

The courses can be for those preparing for IELTS , Business English ( Aviation, Medical, Law ) Bulats etc. or a General English course, including Pronunciation, Colloquial English or Professional terminology.

Non – Residential

These Cambridge English courses are for those based in the UK or on skype from overseas –

One to one or one to two, taught in your home or at an approved venue with a trained teacher.

Ability group English language courses at designated centres of learning.

Skype online teaching with a personal teacher.

All of the above Cambridge English courses can be tailor made to your needs and length of time you require.

They include performance Conversational English and Pronunciation skills suited to your profession or  general needs. Whether you need more practice in listening, speaking, reading or writing skills, the course can be adapted for you.

Private tutors are available throughout the UK either by skype online, one to one specialism or in a classroom environment.

Cambridge Language Associates organise a variety of high quality English language courses with our partners in Cambridge, Oxford, Bath, London, Leicester and Sussex. These centres are accredited  by British Council, British Accreditation Council and are Highly Trusted Sponsors.

We have over twenty  years’ experience in running teacher training courses in Tefl  - see website –

The wide range of Cambridge English language courses are designed to be flexible to meet individual needs and are thoroughly monitored for progress and attendance.

We specialise in English language improvement, Examination Preparation, General study courses or Professional occupational courses.

The courses can last from 2 weeks up to 11 months depending on the students requirements.

As a Cambridge English student your learning experience will be further enhanced by a programme of social and cultural activities, making the most of your stay in the country.

Why learn English in the uk ?

The English learning centres are closely integrated with an academic programme and language resources. There is a high quality , friendly and intimate learning environment in attractive towns and cities. Small class sizes taught by enthusiastic teachers help in the improvement of each student. Support in student accommodation and their well being in getting settled into their new country are paramount to progressive learning.

Cambridge English Course Details

We currently offer a number of English language programmes.-

1 – English for Academic Purposes (EAP).

For students who wish to improve their English performance outside of a main academic course.

2 – IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

3 – English for Commercial Purposes (ECP)

4 – Business English – specific to the profession – Medical,  Nursing, Aviation, Law , Engineering , Hospitality and Leisure  etc.

The standard contact time for most courses is 20 hours per week, with Examination or Specific English courses dependant on their structure.

A1  Level - Beginner to Elementary

Speaking skills for everyday use, pronunciation, understanding

everyday language and building vocabulary. Understanding some texts,

basic grammar and written skills.

A2  Level - Lower Intermediate

Developing conversational skills, fluency and accuracy. Improving

listening, reading and vocabulary. Writing at more length and more

accurate use of grammar.

B1 Level - Intermediate

Taking part in discussions, understanding spoken English and different accents. Developing techniques for reading, producing paragraphs and punctuation. Learning to plan and prepare.

B2  Level - Upper Intermediate

General  and academic discussions. Understanding talks, lectures and taking notes for listening and reading. Analysing texts and summarising with more advanced grammar. Developing speech presentations.

C1 / C2 Level - Advanced

A full command of English, expressing ideas coherently and precisely. Planning and writing essays to argue and persuade.

IELTS  preparation - B2  level or above

The International English Language Testing System is internationally recognised and an entry requirement for Universities and Further Education in the uk, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Non EU students usually require a minimum score of – 6.0  

 It is also recognised by many governments and international employers and within the British Medical profession where non EU nurses, surgeons and doctors require a minimum score of – 7.0   The course can be combined with a General English course or on its own.

Courses are for a minimum of 4 weeks and exams are held regularly each month.

BULATS preparation

Business Language Testing System is a single exam very popular in Europe. It is a part of the University of Cambridge exam system and includes specific writing and reading skills,  listening modules with a grammar section.

Courses are for a minimum of 4 weeks by prior arrangement.

                                          CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH GROUP COURSES and PRICES

These English courses are held mainly in CAMBRIDGE, OXFORD, BATH, LONDON and LEICESTER with ONE to ONE or ONE to TWO residentially in WALES.

1 – Exam Preparation courses (including IELTS)

Min. age – 18 years

Non Residential

2 weeks - from £390.00

4 weeks - from £680.00


2 weeks - from £780.00

4 weeks - from £1,560.00


All prices are excluding exam fees.

One to one specialist teaching face to face or by Skype online available on request.

2 - General English or English for Specific Purposes ( ESP )

Non examination or general English courses for improvement and performance goals in the four skills of – reading, writing, listening and speaking.

This course could be for a specific weakness that needs improvement or a special need.

Min. age – 18 years

One to one or group lessons.

Non Residential

2 weeks - from £290.00

4 weeks - from £580.00


2 weeks - from £580.00

4 weeks - from £1,360.00

All of the above English language courses should be applied for on our CONTACTS page through the Enquiry heading, giving start dates, duration of course and any special requirements.